Trips and journeys

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In order to make the right choice in selecting your next destination, here are some tips we recommend to use:

Check the economic climate
Travelling to countries that are currently undergoing economic difficulties is quite interesting as hotels and airlines are more generous with their offers and include a large number of attractive extras.

Travel to regions with weak currencies
Some currencies have dropped quite a lot (the Dollar and the Pound, for example) resulting in lower hotels and air tickets costs. Furthermore, many major clothing brands offer prices that are significantly lower than in France.

Use Google and price comparison sites
Google is very simple to use, just enter the name of your preferred destination followed by the word "travel" (for example, "London travel"). Whenever using price comparison sites (do find a site on Google by just entering "London travel price comparison"), enter your city departure point, your destination and your travelling dates.

Register on internet travel sites 
It is the best way to receive promotions and travel ideas for a wide range of destinations and to potentially win free vacations in a prize draw or by taking part in quiz games.

Check out travel auction sites
Auctions enable you sometimes to find the trip of your dreams with discounts of up to 70% and more...

Remain flexible whenever choosing your next destination
If you are open minded about your travel dates and destinations, you will increase to a very large degree your chances of picking up the bargain of the year, wether you are planning to go there with your car or by plane making usually no difference.

Make your travel reservations well in advance
By paying a deposit over nine months before your departure date, you might get a discount of 10% or more on your full board hotel package.

Opt for an all inclusive package
Whenever you choose an all inclusive package (make sure to check the exact contents), almost everything is included: return flights and accommodations as well as meals, drinks and short discovery trips.

Use holiday company checks
Ask your company for holiday checks as they can be used not only to pay for travel and accommodations but also for meals whenever you are travelling. If you are married or plan to go with your friend, he or she can also do the same.

Singles special offer: last-minute reservations
You can benefit from price reductions of up to 30% or more by just reserving less than three days before your departure. However, make sure that your passport has more than six months still left to run before its expiry date.

Right now, we recommend New York, Montreal and London by plane as well as Spain by car. As the Dollar and the Pound have dropped quite a lot against the Euro, travellers visiting these countries and paying for their travelling expenses in Euros enjoy a great advantage. Similarly, the unfortunate economic difficulties of Spain allow tourists visiting this stunning country by car to get everywhere much lower prices for both hotels and restaurants.