Radars location map

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To be able to drive safely and trace radars has become a necessity now that the government authorities have definitively chosen to have automatic radars and points-based driving licenses.

First of all, vehicle owners should check that the address indicated on their car title is totally and correctly printed. Likewise, the Prefecture's Department of Motor Vehicles and Titles should be notified of any changes of address, failure to do so being an offence. Furthermore, speeding tickets are sent only to the address reproduced on the car's title. So, if the address is incorrect and the ticket does not reach the intended recipient, who therefore will not be able to pay it or legitimately object to it, the unpaid fine will automatically be increased for being overdue and a notice to pay the debt without any recourse will be issued by a bailiff or a public notary. Even worse, the National Driving License Registrar will not, as should be, be able to inform the title holder of any driving licence points being deducted, mail its official notification whenever the six point threshold has been reached as well as finally send the terminal notification that the license has been revoked because no driving licence point is left. In this latter scenario, the driver will be liable for driving without a license and, in the event of an accident, the insurer will refuse its coverage and the justice system will start proceedings focusing on the source of the accident and its repercussions.

It is therefore advisable to get the following informations before driving:

An as up-to-date as possible list (subject to limitations) list of fixed radars in mainland France (excluding new radars and mobile radars).

A map of highway speed limits (does not include local roads, works, accidents or temporary limits to be identified by the driver).

One should have a vehicle equipped with several devices:

A GPS equipped with radar localizations (requires regular online internet updating).

A radar warning system (should not be confused with a radar detector which is strictly forbidden in France).

Know what to do when one gets a ticket for speeding:

Check the ticket to see whether the legal margin of error has been applied.

Make sure that the ticket recipient is the person on the photo taken when the offence was committed by requesting to see a copy of the photo.

If the person who committed the offence appearing on the photo is unknown, no points will be deducted but the fine will still have to be paid.

You can object to the ticket (stolen vehicle, you weren't driving, etc) and request (within due procedure) for an exemption.

It is definitely worth being a member of a driving licence's defense organization or contacting one as soon as possible.

If you have already lost more than four points, you must immediately take a two days road safety awareness course to regain four points.

If, after a year, no new offence involving a point deduction is committed , one is given back one point.

Likewise, if one has lost several points but no new offence is committed over a three-year period, one gets back the lost points.

Share the driving with one of your regular co-passengers and therefore reduce tiredness, the main cause of lack of concentration and speeding.