Car dealer association

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The french professionals organisation of automotive trade

Founded in 1902, the CNPA's main objectives are:

To defend the automotive professions through representation to the highest authorities at the local, national and international level.

Serve the needs of all businesses in the automotive industry by offering them a very wide range of specific special services and providing simultaneously daily help to local automotive managers via the 69 CNPA sector secretariats and its very highly trained workforce of almost
        200 employees deployed across France.

Perform forward planning for all auto industry professions and anticipate statutory and technical developments in all areas of the automotive sector. The CNPA's legal specialists monitor legal developments, perform ad hoc studies, lobby for laws' amendments and organize lectures in their areas of expertise (environment, legal and social issues, risk prevention, national collective agreement on employment).

The CNPA maintains an ongoing dialogue
with all public policy makers, from the local level up to the European level, and also serves on a large number of organizations in order to defend the interests of every profession within the automobile industry. For example, the CNPA:

manages or chairs the social organizations within the automotive professions (MPA, IRP Auto, ANFA, GNFA, GARAC, etc)

takes part in the numerous tasks of the CGPME, UPA, MEDEF, Conseil Economique et Social (Economic and Social Council), CdCF

sits on the CEPC (Commercial Practices Study Commission)

serves on a large number of international organizations (CECRA, CEGAA, Leaseurope, EGARA, etc)

sits on the CESE (European Economic and Social Council)

has chaired the Comité Professionnel de Distribution de Carburants (Fuel and Gasoline Distribution Professional Committee): each year,
   subsidies totaling more than 6 million euros were paid till 2014 to fuel and gasoline retailers.

The CNPA has created in June 2009 a new tool, the CNPA barometer, to measure the market sales, inventories, margins and employment evolution of the french automotive market.

Concrete and ongoing actions are also untertaken by CNPA to help professionals in their day to day business activities. A very comprehensive and elaborate system, Mon Entreprise Auto, has been set up to help for the creation, sale or takeover of automotive companies.

21 professions are represented
and united within a unique Collective Labor Agreement managed by the CNPA: car dealers and their authorized agents, truck dealers, cycles and motorcycles distributors, minicars distributors, mechanics, car repair shops, used car dealers, tow-cars companies, driving instructors, fuel retailers, petroleum products distributors, body-shops, vehicle inspection centers, tires distributors, used tire recyclers, used oil collection approved agents, parts recyclers, car wash shops, rental car agencies, garages and car parks, LPG authorized fitters, independent aftermarket distributors.

In France, there are 110,000 companies working in the automotive distribution and service sector employing 418,000 dedicated people, with 68,000 youth getting professional training, 37 million vehicles being serviced each year, almost or more than 2 million new cars and more than 5 million used cars sold each year, for a total annual turnover in excess of 140 billion euros. With its wealth of experience, the CNPA defends and supports all of its members, by means of its hotline, specialized publications and informations letters, intra-company audits and via its online extensive library and dedicated website:

50 rue Rouget de Lisle - 92158 Suresnes Cedex - Phone 01 40 99 55 00